Pre-Diabetes and Doctor Questions

 Here is a question that I received from:

  Q) I was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  Could you tell me what questions I should be asking my doctor in order for me to be successful in the prevention of type 2 diabetes?

  Answer: The most important thing to discuss with your doctor would be about diet and lifestyle changes you will be making to prevent type 2 diabetes.

  Some questions to ask would be :

 1. If you have a weight issue getting on a diet plan would be beneficial. Ask your doctor about refering you to a dietitian or a diabetes educator.

 Watching your carbohydrate intake and understanding portion sizes for every meal is very essential something that a dietitian would be able to help you with.

  2. Talk about cooking habits, do you enjoy cooking or do you eat outside? Get information about various cook books for diabetes and options for eating outside.

  3. Along with diet comes exercise, plan on a good exercise regimen with your doctor. If you have any other health issues that prevent you from exercising, talk to your doctor about them.

  4. Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle, are you extremely busy, or at home and how you can gradually make changes.

5. Discuss how often will you be checking your blood glucose, if you need any medications and how often will you be following with your health care providers.

  6. Find information about various community programs and support groups you can join for additional guidance.

6. Discuss about payments and insurance options.

  It is not easy to accept that you can be at a risk of developing diabetes and family support becomes very important during this time. I would advice you to take a family member or a friend along. Doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of listening ears for all the instructions.


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