Salad Bar Suggestions

Here is a question I received from:

Q: We have a large salad bar at the work cafeteria that I would like to take advantage of for lunch (especially during the summer).  I’m trying to lose weight and control blood sugar.  Could you give me some tips on what to choose and what to steer clear on at the salad bar?

 A: Taking advantage of the salad bar is a great idea! Here are a few tips for you:

  • Go for plenty of vegetables and fruits such as, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, lettuce, shard, spinach, peaches, berries, etc.
  • You can sprinkle ½ tsp of unsalted nuts and seeds like soybeans, pine nuts, walnuts for taste.
  • You can add low fat or fat free salad dressing or just add flavored vinegar (1 tbsp). If you have issues with the taste of the fat free dressings it is better to drizzle a little bit of original salad dressing then at least you will not add too much of the fat free version. 
  • Watch your side filler like crouton, biscuits, fries, bread they might quickly add on your calories.
  • Also you might want to limit high fat pasta salad or potato or macaroni salad and coleslaw.
  •  If you are taking a soup go for broth based soup rather than creamy soups.
  • Go easy on the bacon strips, fried tofu, cheese instead have edamame, beans or peas, chicken or turkey slices for proteins.
  • Take a small plate to start and fill it as much as you can this way you will avoid over filling it as well as over eating.
  • You can always have a second helping but before going back give a thought if you really need a second !
  • With fruits you can have yogurt or 1 tbsp of low fat cottage cheese.

 Hope this is helpful enjoy your salad!!


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