Fruit and Pre-Diabetes

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 Q) I was diagnosed as having pre-diabetes earlier this year.  Since then I have completely changed my eating habits and become a vegetarian.  I’ve lost weight but want to lose more.  Can you tell me which fruits have a high sugar content?  I am wondering about apples, raisins, bananas, and strawberries.  I already know I need to avoid orange juice. Thanks for your help!

 Answer: Great! You are definitely putting in a lot of effort to make a healthier you.  Weight loss and maintaining the weight is a life long commitment. However, you have already started taking steps in the right direction. A good weight loss would be 1-2 lbs/ week, which would mean eating 500 calories less. Restricting yourself too much is not a good idea because those restrictions are bound to cause a failure. Instead eat in controlled amounts (portion control). Vegetarian is good you can still get all your proteins from beans, peas, tofu and nuts. You can also eat an egg and low fat milk. Occasionally if you wish to have meat, choose lean meat, fish, turkey or chicken.  Include more mono and polyunsaturated fatty acid sources like canola oil or olive oil and sunflower oil and minimize on solid fat and trans fat like butter, margarine and shortenings.

Fruits are an important component of the healthy diet as they are good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber necessary to maintain good health. Apples, raisins, bananas, and strawberries are all great choices to have as they are loaded with beneficial nutrients. However, fruits are carbohydrates and can raise blood sugar; 1 serving of fruit (½ c canned fruit or fresh fruit or unsweetened juice, 1 small fresh fruit or ¼ c dried fruit) has 15 gm of carbohydrates. Hence, it is important to learn to monitor the carbohydrate intake at every meal. You do not have to avoid orange juice completely. You can have ½ c of orange juice ones a day; you can dilute it to reduce on calories. You can also add orange juice to various food preparations for extra flavor.

 Hope this is helpful. Good luck with your efforts.


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