Diabetes and Holiday Sweets?

Here is a question I received from http://www.foodpicker.org

Here is a question from foodpicker:

I have diabetes and this time of year is the toughest for me.  It seems holiday treats/sweets are everywhere tempting me!  Is it ok to indulge a little?  If not, how can I build up enough will power to avoid holiday sweets?

Holiday treats are very tempting and it is ok to indulge a little, because it is very hard to resist with all the goodies around you. However, it is important to realise that you have over indulge and take the necessary steps in the coming days and weeks to control your appetite, make conscious efforts to make the right food choices and controlling the portions consumed at one time, exercise regularly for atleast 30 mintues 3 to 5 days a week. 

A great way you can avoid indulging is portion control. Especially at buffet or at a restaurant where you can easily indulge, try doing this, fill up your plate with whatever food you want or are being served and then get an empty plate of the same size or smaller and empty out half portion of the food on the first plate onto the empty plate. After you finish eating from the second plate see if you want to eat more. This can help you figure out how much you ate and do you want the remaining portion. Another way is to start with a smaller plate that way you will not be able to over fill the plate. Also seating farther away from the buffet table or serving table can help in preventing over eating . 

 If you know you are going out for dinner,try to start by ordering a healthy salad and stuff yourself with salad, avoid the extra cheese and dressing to cut on calories that you will be half full when its time to order the main course.  When you order food at the restaurant maybe you want to ask for a take out box for the leftover to avoid the temptation to stuff yourself with all the extras! sharing the dish/dessert can also help you from overeating. Try to stick to salads, green leafy vegetables, zucchini, cucumbers, french beans and  go easy on potatoes, squash, peas and carrots (starchy vegetables). Try to incorporate whole grains, legumes and beans as much as possible. Using sugar substitutes in baking is a great way to cut back on carbohydrates and calories. Using low fat butter , egg subsitutes and whole wheat/grain  flour for baking can also help create healthy recipes.


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